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The DDI Agency Registry is a component of a free global unique identifier system for metadata producing organizations. The registry system provides an agency identifier which acts as both a namespace in a globally unique id as well as a pointer for distributed service resolution.
Based on ISO/IEC 11179 Part 6 International Registration Data Identifiers (11179 IRDIs), DDI agency identifiers are used as the Registration Authority (11179 RA) in a IRDI and in DDI URNs.

The DDI Agency Resolver is a free DNS SRV record-based resolution service for DDI agency identifiers, and enables discovery of web services and data services provided by an agency.

Request a DDI agency ID

Follow these three quick steps to obtain a DDI agency identifier

  1. Create an account. Register here.
  2. Request an Agency ID under the Your Agencies tab.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation when the agency identifier is approved.

See the Help page for detailed instructions.